Day 1: 31 Ways to Make ADHD Medication Less Scary before Halloween

Don't let your child be a zombie on ADHD medications! Speaking of Halloween, the biggest fear that parents have about stimulant medication is that it's going to zombify their child. Nobody wants their child's personality altered by medication, and at Focus-MD, we don't want their personality changed either. There is no reason, in 2013, for stimulant medication to flatten the affect of any child. We always say that getting the dose precisely right, getting it optimized is the way to avoid this. Most kids are actually under treated for their ADHD. They're not on enough medicine. But there are kids that are over treated, and they look like robotic zombies. They're affect is very flat. They don't, they're not as expressive and don't talk as spontaneously. That is not the stimulant medication. That is the wrong dose of the wrong stimulant… Read More »

Intro: 31 Ways to Make ADHD Medication Less Scary before Halloween

Hi, I'm Dr. James Wiley with Focus-MD. It's ADHD Awareness Month, and we'd like to spend the month of October giving you 31 reasons to be less afraid of stimulant medication between now and Halloween. Parents have a justifiable concern about stimulant medications, but the last 30 years of science has taught us that these medications are safe and effective, and we want you to know that information. Fear of stimulant medications is one of the main things that keeps parents and families from seeking ADHD treatment that can be life changing, and we want you to have the real information based on real science between now and the time that the ghosts and the ghouls get out on Halloween. So stay tuned for a daily update of another reason why stimulant medication is safe and effective, and you'll be less… Read More »

6 Tips To Help Your ADHD Child Socialize

Are you a parent of an ADHD child and wondering why your child doesn’t have friends? Maybe you noticed your child not enjoying the activities or time with their peers. One question we often get from our parents is how to help their children make friends. Here are 6 tips on helping your ADHD child: Take part in the decision. Help your child find friends with similar interest. Maybe send them to school with a famous cartoon character book bag or t-shirt. Talk to other parents. The better educated people are about ADHD, the more they can help. Talking with other parents could help them to encourage their children to make friends with yours. Join a local club or group. Check with your school to see if their is a girl scout or boy scout troop they can join. Maybe… Read More »

Back To School. Back To An ADHD Routine.

By James Wiley, MD, FAAP   It's back to school time, and that means it’s time to get back into a routine. One of the most important routines to focus on is bedtime and awakening time. Summer tends to shift bedtime later, and it definitely shifts awakening time later for most kids, especially teenagers. So, in order to adjust the sleep cycle, we recommend beginning to wake a little earlier each day and going to bed a little earlier each night. One of the things that you have to do in order to accomplish this is to restrict those electronics your child or teenager takes to bed with them. That sometimes meets resistance. Whether you have ADHD or not, a good night’s sleep is essential for attention — but it is especially important for ADHD patients. The ADHD brain is very… Read More »

5 Things Teachers Should Know About ADHD in the Classroom

By James Wiley, MD, FAAP It's back-to-school time, and as the father and brother of teachers, I get to hear firsthand the joys and struggles educators face in the classroom. One challenge is managing hyperactive and impulsive behavior in the 10% of students that have ADHD. Here are 5 tips that will help you keep your sanity and make your students with ADHD (and their parents) eternally grateful. 1. Let them move Research is in! Kids with ADHD perform better and learn more if they can wiggle while they work. Help them find less disruptive ways to do just that! A fidget pal — like an eraser or a small stress ball — can be helpful, but some kids will need more. Allowing students to sit on exercise balls has been helpful for some. Consider allowing students to stand at desks… Read More »