Relook @ ADHD:
 A Physician’s view of Child, Teen and Adult ADHD


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Relook @ ADHD is an interactive presentation by Focus-MD and the first steps to go from frustration to focus for your kids and loved ones.

When & Where:

September 24th • 6pm • Charleston, SC
Moultrie Middle School

September 25th • 6pm • Richmond, VA
Comfort Suites at Virginia Center Commons

September 27th • 9am • Greensboro, NC
Focus-MD Greensboro Office

September 29th • 6pm • Durham, NC
Ivy Community Center

September 30th • 6pm • Raleigh, NC
Laurel Hills Park Community Center

Questions and subjects to be covered:
Is ADHD over diagnosed?
How is ADHD diagnosed?
What are the long term risks to taking ADHD medication?
Do kids outgrow ADHD or the need for medication?
Should medication be given on weekends and holidays?

Discussion of common parental concerns:
I don’t want my child labeled.
I want my child to be able to learn to cope with their symptoms.
I am fearful of medication side effects especially appetite and growth issues.
I don’t want my child to be a zombie.
I am worried that my child will become addicted to the medication.

There will be time for questions after the presentation.

The need for a better solution to ADHD has never been greater. Though the disorder is nothing new (it was first described by a poet/physician in the 1800’s) more families than ever are concerned about a loved one being affected.

In recent years there has been great advancement in medical technology used to test for ADHD. The pairing of qualified, experienced medical doctors with these new technological testing systems gave birth to the first Focus.

Our new solution for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD looks at the whole patient, rather than just writing a prescription based on various symptoms that may or may not indicate ADHD. Our clinics are staffed by practicing medical doctors who take time to listen to the patient, then use their experience and cutting edge technology to more accurately and objectively diagnose and treat ADHD.

Focus-MD is a medical practice dedicated to ADHD care. Let our doctors help your family move from frustration to focus. 

If you would like more information on ADHD and resources please visit or click here.

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