Organization Doesn’t Have to Be An ADHD Challenge

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Organization can be a daunting task for most people, but for adults with ADHD, getting organized can seem near impossible. If you have ADHD, take a deep breath because there are several things you can do to make organizing, prioritizing and time management possible. Here are 5 helpful organizational tips for adults with ADHD:

1. Start small:


One mistake most adults with ADHD make is taking on more than they can handle. Instead of trying to work on everything at once, pick one area to organize. Thinking small will benefit you because it will help you to avoid becoming overwhelmed. 

2. Ask for help:


No one said you have to get organized alone. Ask someone to be present when you’re organizing. Having some with you when you organize can keep you focused and limit distractions.

3. Limit distractions:


Everyday we are faced with distractions like social media, our phone, Netflix, etc. that prevent us from accomplishing our goals and tasks. By limiting these distractions, you can focus on more important things like getting organized.

4. Make a calendar:

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“I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember,” is one of the biggest fibs adults with ADHD tell themselves. Write down all upcoming events and deadlines, a calendar is a visual reminder that can reinforce time management and accountability. 

5. Set phone reminders:


One problem adults with ADHD have is forgetting. If you know you have something important coming up write it down, and make a reminder in your phone. This can help you stay organized by prioritizing responsibilities.

Use these tip to help you on your journey to becoming more organized.

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