Meet Last Year’s Focus on your Future Scholarship Winner

Winner of 2015 Focus on your Future Scholarship

Dr. Bull of Focus-MD Mount Pleasant, and Samantha

Meet Samantha, one of last year’s recipients of the Focus-MD “Focus on Your Future” Scholarship:

“I am a biology major, meaning I study life and living organisms. With this degree I am striving to attend medical school after I graduate from the College of Charleston. I decided to switch my major when I finally treated my ADHD. Since I switched my major as a Junior, I am behind regarding the courses I need to take. However, I am fully confident that I can accomplish my goal of graduating in two years while maintaining the grades required to be accepted to medical school. This drive and sense of confidence came from treating my ADHD. My only regret is not seeing Dr. Bull sooner. No one should go through life feeling incapable of accomplishing goals, like I did. I was not confident, and had an overwhelming sense of hopelessness due to inability to concentrate. However, I changed my life. If anyone is putting off treatment, think about how good it feels to be able to have an actual conversation with someone without drifting off or rambling on and on, or the feeling of setting goals and seeing yourself accomplish them. I was timid to actually make an appointment, but Dr. Bull’s understanding and expertise made me feel very assured and comfortable.”

At Focus-MD, improving the lives of patients with ADHD is our passion. Although many with ADHD struggle with attention and learning problems, we know that no two cases are alike.  We strive to give our ADHD patients the tools they need to achieve their goals, and it is our hope that this scholarship will help you achieve yours.

The deadline to apply is April 1! So request your application today by calling your local Focus-MD office or emailing [email protected]