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  • Nih.nihm.gov Resources on ADHD and a number of ADHD tag along problems like anxiety, OCD, dyslexia, depression.  Reliable information on medications is also available.
  • Trich.org Resources for patients with trichotillomania—a condition in which patients pull out hair, eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Jbrf.org Resources for patients with mood disorders, especially if bi-polar disorder is suspected or runs in the family
  • Interdys.org Resources for patients with dyslexia. If your child has problems with reading, writing, spelling please visit this site.
  • www.understood.org Resources for patients with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning problems.

Patricia Quinn, MD – http://www.addvance.com/about/quinn.html
Dr. Quinn is an expert on ADHD and especially on girls and women with ADHD. Her books Attention Girls and 100 Questions and Answers About ADHD in Girls and Women are great. She is also co-author of Ready for Take Off and On Your Own books that help parents and teens, respectively, plan for the transition from high school to college. Her writing is realistic and her advice practical.