Focusing on Her Future: 2016 Scholarship Winner, Haley Millard

Millard and the old lady in white

After successfully managing her ADHD in grade school, Haley made the decision to stop taking her medication while in middle school. During middle and high school, Haley’s grades were acceptable, but not nearly as high as they were in elementary school. Rushing through work and careless errors led to low test scores, but she didn’t really think that her untreated ADHD was the problem…that was a problem for “kids.”

Haley began college and before long found herself on academic probation. Determined to help herself get on the right track, she researched ADHD and found that it wasn’t a problem everyone simply outgrows. In her essay, Haley wrote, “It is an unfortunately common misconception that ADHD isn’t a serious problem for kids, and I now know that adults can be just as harmed by it, but I won’t let it keep me down.”

With the help of Dr. Neel at Focus-MD in Raleigh, Haley is managing her ADHD once again. Not only have her grades improved, but her concentration and confidence has, as well.

Haley’s story is a great example of how important it is to maintain consistent treatment for ADHD. We know that she is going to have another great year at North Carolina State University, where she is majoring in education. One of our favorite lines from her essay is, “I hope to be a teacher one day, and getting treated for my ADHD isn’t the crutch I’ll use to get there, but the step ladder I’ll use to reach it myself.”

At Focus-MD, improving the lives of patients with ADHD is what we are passionate about. Although many with ADHD struggle with attention and learning problems, we know that no two cases are alike.  We strive to give our ADHD patients the tools they need to achieve their goals, and it is our hope that this scholarship will help a few reach theirs!