Focus-MD Birmingham Celebrates One Year

Dr. Moore from Birmingham’s Focus-MD branch is excited to celebrate one year of helping the Birmingham community manage ADHD . Dr. Moore reflects on the year, and offers some tips for parents wary of ADHD medication.

“I don’t want my child on medication.” “I don’t want my child labeled.” “I don’t want my child zombified.” “I don’t want my child addicted.” These are just some of the common concerns of parents and caregivers offer when they come to our office for an evaluation of attention and learning problems. Families don’t want to be rushed into a diagnosis of ADHD, and if the diagnosis is ADHD, they don’t want to just be handed a prescription. My reply to these common parental concerns is that at Focus-MD we look for dose optimization, and we pay very close attention not to over-medicate nor under-medicate patients. The goal of Focus-MD is careful medication management that allows the patient to be themselves but with better self- control, attention, and focus.

Focus-MD is a medical practice that is designed to allow plenty of time to listen. During our first year of practice I have enjoyed listening to families as they tell their story, and helping them if the diagnosis is ADHD, or guiding them to that next step if the diagnosis is not ADHD. Yes, I do tell patients and parents if their child does not have ADHD, because at FocusMD we recognize that not all attention and learning problems are due to ADHD. In our evaluation process (in addition to following the professional guidelines of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the American Academy of Pediatrics) we utilize the Qb test, which is an objective, FDA-cleared computerized assessment to aid in the evaluation for ADHD.

This month, we celebrated our 1-year anniversary with a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook and Hoover Chambers of Commerce of which we are members. In addition to taking care of our patients, we have also participated in various events in the community to help increase ADHD awareness. Some of the events have included Brown Bag Lunch Seminars at local schools, radio talk show health spots, community health fairs, and hosting meeting space for nutrition seminars and peer advocate seminars (connecting families with experts skilled in assisting parents with getting accommodations and assistance through the school system for their child). As we move into the upcoming years, I look forward to continued education and awareness of ADHD to help take families from frustration to FOCUS.

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