Meet the 2017 Focus-MD $1,000 Scholarship Winner

We are very pleased to introduce the winner of the 2017 Focus on Your Future Scholarship Essay contest.  Isabel is a student at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC.  Like many patients with ADHD, she was diagnosed in grade school, but it wasn’t until high school when she started to really struggle with the academic demands. In high school she was frustrated that many of her peers were performing better and grasped the concepts much easier than she. After falling behind in most of her classes, she took charge of both her educational and medical well-being. She obtained a 504 education plan  to help her manage some of her barriers to learning. She also started treating her ADHD with medication and using organizational techniques that in her words, “enabled me to utilize the knowledge I possessed all along, but… Read More »

Focus in Practice Opens at Crossway Medical Clinic in Oklahoma City

Focus-MD is thrilled to partner with Dr. Stuart Schrader and Dr. Susan Redwine of Crossway Medical Clinic to bring premium ADHD care to patients in the Oklahoma City area. With 15 providers, the clinic serves patients of all ages with over 60 years combined experience in pediatrics, internal medicine, and osteopathic medicine. Crossway Medical Clinic maximizes the latest medical technology to offer services like advanced cardiac testing, on-site radiology, and personalized pharmacogenetics. Just as they have utilized this technology to provide the very best care for their patients, their decision to partner with Focus-MD to offer the best standard of ADHD care to their practice is further testament of their dedication to serve the whole patient and their families. Dr. Schrader, Dr. Redwine, and Christy Greenly, APRN-CNP recently traveled to Mobile, AL to train with Dr. James Wiley and other providers… Read More »

Featured Doc Blog: Spring is Just Around the Corner!

by Dr. Andrew Burstiner, Focus-MD Red Bank March and April mark the halfway point for kid’s ages when determining what grade a child should be in.  Here in New Jersey, most school districts use October 1 as the cutoff date for determining a child’s grade eligibility.  So, kid’s born in the March/April period have classmates up to half a year older or younger. As a Pediatrician, I know that this age variability can mean a world of difference in the physical, mental and social development of children.  This phenomenon has been well researched over many years, is clear to most professionals caring for and/or working with children, and has been well portrayed about 10 years ago in the Malcolm Gladwell book, Outliers. Older children in a grade year often have a competitive advantage over their younger peers, and this advantage often… Read More »

The Independence Curve

ADHD is a neurodevelopment disorder.  That means that it delays the way the brain develops the connections leading to normal function in certain areas.  Well connected brains can sustain attention, regulate emotions, resist impulses and regulate motor activity.  Less well connected brains, well, you know…Until those connections catch up, parents are filling the void on organization, completing tasks and providing time management.  Parents are reminding, giving the same instructions over and over while they go in one ear and out of the other over and over. Inescapably this leads to frustration and resentment.  Parents try punishment and kids get angrier and angrier. Parents just want their kids with ADHD to be responsible and kids with ADHD just want to stop getting yelled at.  So, if reminders, yelling and restricting privileges don’t work, what will?   How about regularly treating the problem… Read More »

Focus-MD Introduces “Focus in Practice”

Focus-MD, the world’s largest network of medical clinics devoted to the care of ADHD and related disorders, announces the launch of FOCUS in Practice at next week’s American Academy of Pediatrics National Exhibition and Conference. CEO Todd Martin says that the additional approach arose out of feedback from pediatric practices and health care systems at previous AAP meetings. “They loved our concept of operationalizing the AAP Guideline for ADHD and wanted a process that would allow larger practices and systems to rapidly and efficiently improve the quality of their care around ADHD and its co-occurring conditions. Although we have opened individual practices in eight states and continue to offer primary care doctors the option of opening a standalone practice, we want to be able to offer a model of a Focus-MD clinic within an existing pediatric clinic. Our first FOCUS… Read More »