ADHD Ongoing Debate: Disorder vs Behavior


In a recent article, U.Va. opening center to unlock potential of children with ADHD, by the AP, it tells of a new center that focuses on assessing and treating of children with ADHD. According to the AP, “The university says that rather than approach the disorder as a problem to be fixed, the Children’s Learning Clinic will focus on unlocking the potential of children with ADHD.”

Dr. Wiley, of Focus-MD, however, does not agree with the University. He believes ADHD is a disorder and not just a problem with the child. He also knows that a non-medication treatment does not have the same effect as medication for this disorder.

Focus-MD believes in the pairing of qualified, experienced medical doctors along with technological testing in order to assess and diagnose the patient. According to the Focus-MD website, “Our new solution for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD looks at the whole patient, rather than just writing a prescription based on various symptoms that may or may not indicate ADHD. Our clinics are staffed by practicing medical doctors who take time to listen to the patient, then use their experience and cutting edge technology to correctly diagnose and treat ADHD.”

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