“ADHD: Not Always a Good Thing!” by Dr. Farid Sabet: Blog Review by Dr. James Wiley

Saber Blog Review By Dr. James Wiley

Dr. Farid Sabet’s blog ADHD: Not Always a Good Thing! was refreshing to read, and I recommend it to anyone with an interest in understanding ADHD. Celebrating ADHD as a gift, while ignoring its liabilities, may make us feel better for a moment but it won’t help us cope with the challenges over the long run.

Embracing our ADHD shouldn’t keep us from acknowledging the medical facts of increased risks for significant negatives: relationship problems including divorce, underperformance, accidents, depression, anxiety, addiction, incarceration and suicide. As Dr. Sabet said, “Facing and overcoming challenges through patient, persistent education and training are the keys to success. A balanced approach must be maintained that emphasizes hard work and persistence in overcoming challenges, while minimizing shame and destructive criticism.”
I look at ADHD not as a gift, but as a disorder. However, I don’t know anyone who has it that isn’t an exceptional, gifted person. At Focus-MD, we believe that treating ADHD shouldn’t diminish those gifts; it should enhance them.

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