Summer ADHD Medication: Dr. Woods, of Focus MD Greenville

Dr. Sheila Woods MD, FAAP from the FocusMD in Greenville, South Carolina weighed in on the common misconception that a child’s ADHD medication should follow the school calendar, and take breaks when classes do the same. Here is some of what Dr. Woods has to say:

“To the question, “Would you send your diabetic child to camp without his or her insulin?” most parents would answer a resounding “No, of course not!” But you might be doing something similar if you take your child off his/her ADHD medications during the summer.  ADD/ADHD is a brain chemistry problem and can be compared, for example, to diabetes which is a blood sugar problem.  Medication that helps your child’s brain chemistry become better balanced is like insulin helping your child’s blood sugar become more stable.  While ADHD patients share a number of characteristics, no two patients are alike just like no two diabetics require the same dose of insulin.”

Read the rest of Dr. Woods’ blog here.

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Focus’ Dr. Woods: Seizing Opportunities to Help Children with ADHD

Dr. Sheila Woods of Focus-MD

Dr. Woods decided to open a Focus branch because she felt it would give her the opportunity to provide evidence based compassionate and comprehensive care to children, families and adults with ADHD.

First Job: Opened a pediatric practice with a partner in Lexington, Kentucky in July of 1982 called Mack & Woods.
First Car: 1965 Dodge Station Wagon
Favorite Song: The King’s Singers – Gifts to be Simple
What advice would you give your High School self? Relax and remember to “smell the flowers” along the way
Have you always planned to go into medicine? If not, what did you want to do? Dr. Woods knew at a young age, probably 12, that she wanted to be a doctor. She has NEVER regretted one minute of her choice of pediatrics as her career.
Who has helped you the most during your career? My former University of Kentucky department chairwoman in Pediatrics, Dr. Jacqueline Noonan, was a role model, mentor and teacher.
Best advice you have ever received: Always do the right thing for the patient.
What is your philosophy on patient care? Patient care should always come first!
What do you think is the future of ADD/ADHD and treatments? Dr. Woods believes the future is ripe for new and promising treatments, both medications and complimentary treatments. The research is incredibly exciting!
Living in Anderson, SC and working in Greenville, SC, what do you love most about these cities? Greenville, SC is a progressive Southern city with phenomenal local leaders in business, education and healthcare.
Favorite local event? Festival of Trees is an annual fund-raiser for the Foothills Alliance where Dr. Woods serves on the Board of Directors. Fully decorated Christmas trees are auctioned to benefit the organization. Foothills Alliance provides clinical and support services for victims of sexual assault of all ages.

Personal Life

  • Dr. Woods has 3 children: Sarah, Leah and Emily
  • Her hobbies include avid reading, crafts, sewing and travel
  • Her guilty pleasure is playing with her grandson, Jackson


University of Kentucky BS with Distinction; University of Kentucky MD; University of Kentucky Internship and Residency in Pediatrics; Mini-Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology with Columbia University, New York

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