Focus-MD Physician Opportunities

Curious about a new approach to medical diagnosis and treatment of ADHD? Focus-MD has the medical knowledge base, technology and practice management tools to take you from questions to competence in providing a new standard of care.

Potential Focus-MD Physicians Are:

  • Board Certified doctors frustrated with the increasing pace of practice.
  • Physicians frustrated by the current ADHD standard of care that is fragmented, sporadic and leaves them isolated.
  • Physicians looking for a work /life balance that allows more time for their personal life.

Focus-MD provides you with a practice opportunity that is:

Challenging – Working with families to provide careful diagnosis and evidence based treatment to patients with ADHD requires skill and compassion.

Interesting – ADHD management is never boring. Getting to know the patient and the family exposes doctors to fascinating diagnostic dilemmas and an array of treatment options. Having time to be thoughtful in the evaluation and management de-stresses the process and makes it enjoyable. ADHD patients are smarter than average folks and are often creative and entertaining people to get to know.

Rewarding – ADHD patients and their families are suffering. From underperformance at school or work to family conflict, accidents and the drag of low self esteem, ADHD is causing a drag on their lives that leads to anxiety, depression, acting out and substance abuse and addiction. What could be more satisfying than solving those problems, or helping a patient learn that they aren’t dumb, lazy or unmotivated after all?

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