Meet the 2017 Focus-MD $1,000 Scholarship Winner

We are very pleased to introduce the winner of the 2017 Focus on Your Future Scholarship Essay contest.  Isabel is a student at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC.  Like many patients with ADHD, she was diagnosed in grade … Continue reading

Focus in Practice Opens at Crossway Medical Clinic in Oklahoma City

Focus-MD is thrilled to partner with Dr. Stuart Schrader and Dr. Susan Redwine of Crossway Medical Clinic to bring premium ADHD care to patients in the Oklahoma City area. With 15 providers, the clinic serves patients of all ages with … Continue reading

Featured Doc Blog: Spring is Just Around the Corner!

by Dr. Andrew Burstiner, Focus-MD Red Bank March and April mark the halfway point for kid’s ages when determining what grade a child should be in.  Here in New Jersey, most school districts use October 1 as the cutoff date … Continue reading

The Independence Curve

ADHD is a neurodevelopment disorder.  That means that it delays the way the brain develops the connections leading to normal function in certain areas.  Well connected brains can sustain attention, regulate emotions, resist impulses and regulate motor activity.  Less well connected … Continue reading

Paying the Wrong Kind of Attention to ADHD

by James Wiley, MD, FAAP — @adddoc An email alerted me of a study concerning ADHD medication.  Since I prescribe it every day and take it myself, I’m always interested. When I clicked on the link I was directed to … Continue reading

Why Physicians Should Pay Attention to ADHD

by James Wiley, MD, FAAP — @adddoc In recent years, our understanding of ADHD has overwhelmingly improved. We know that this chronic medical condition has been proven to cause serious problems with learning, destroys self-esteem, significantly increases the risk of … Continue reading

Focusing on Her Future: 2016 Scholarship Winner, Haley Millard

After successfully managing her ADHD in grade school, Haley made the decision to stop taking her medication while in middle school. During middle and high school, Haley’s grades were acceptable, but not nearly as high as they were in elementary school. … Continue reading

Independence Day

by James Wiley, MD, FAAP –@adddoc As Americans we are celebrating our nation’s history of Independence– you know, when we told our mother country she no longer had to tell us what to do, supervise our every move, or run … Continue reading

Why I don’t Diagnose Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Part 4 of 4)

by James Wiley, MD, FAAP — @adddoc As we wrap up this series on why oppositional defiant disorder is often misdiagnosed, let’s talk about depression.  “She doesn’t care about anything.” “He’s lazy! Every day instead of doing homework or studying … Continue reading

Why I don’t Diagnose Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Part 3 of 4)

by James Wiley, MD, FAAP — @adddoc As we continue our series on symptoms and disorders that resemble ODD, another factor that can affect a child’s behavior is having a learning disability of any kind.  Dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia all … Continue reading

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